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Less is more, more often

Emptiness is freeing and gives space to your personality.
Unterschrift Silke

Stuffed wardrobes are paralyzing us and distracts us from the essentials. Sorting out thoroughly brings clarity in style and combination.

Is your wardrobe falling apart and your heart is breaking when you need to sort out? My trained and neutral eye is going to help you to forego. I can even take care of sorting the junk into different piles and their removal upon request; depending on the quality, I choose to turn them in at Oxfam or second-hand clothes containers.
I reorganize your newly obtained space in your wardrobe, depending on your dressing habits: identical hangers classified by seasons, product groups, occasions. You will be able to see everything at first glance in the morning!

The Capsule Wardrobe stands for maximum clarity, simplicity and a clear concept.

Do you want it even more compacted? A Capsule Wardrobe limits your closet to have only 40 favorite articles of clothing. For you to get by with this amount, the selection has to be well thought out. A Capsule Wardrobe consists of well combinable basics. Together, we are going to work out the demands you have on yourself: kind of style, choosing three to four colors, which look and which brand do you feel comfortable with? We sort out and prepare a shopping list in case of a missing matching piece.
The result: everything is one unit, one world of colors and is well combinable with each other!

If you don't want to book my services online or look for something different than the services below, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my contact form or phone.

Finally more space! (Small)

2 hours, Sorting out ***

179 €

Finally more space! (Large)

4 hours, Sorting out ***

359 €

Get rid of it!

Removal and donation up to 3 bags max. ***

99 €

Wardrobe Management

2.5 hours, Clearing out and reorganization ***

219 €

Capsule Wardrobe Planning

1 day (up to 7 hours) Planning - Sorting Out - Recomposition ***

509 €

The following surcharge will be balanced in cash at the appointment: ***

additional travel costs for appointments at the customers place (Frankfurt = €10, other places = €0,25 per km up to 75 km and €0,30 per km for distances beyond 75 km)
Saturday appointments are billed with a surcharge of € 20

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