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Online consulting

Better than Siri and Alexa – because we’re still human!
Unterschrift Silke

Sometimes, you just don’t see the wood for the trees.

You need an immediate advice but you are in lack of time and local closeness to get in personal touch? Therefore, a short online consulting, anywhere available, is exactly what you need.

My core skills are on-site consultations since meeting someone in person gives a better insight into one’s personality – immediate results come in a bag or two ☺...

This offer is the perfect fit if you are in need of a sound and short-dated outfit advice for occasions such as job interviews, all kinds of celebrations or your very special public lecture. Are you getting ready for a photo shoot, or are you trying on your online acquisitions and need a professional feedback on what to keep?

Efficient dating support.

Your profile picture on online dating services should be an eye catcher. Pictures on a motorcycle or taken in the bathroom mirrors are the classics that men choose whereas over 50% of all women present themselves in neutral colored basics. I’m sure you could do more of yourselves to remain in someone’s memory. Let me show you how important hair, glasses, make-up, photo scene and clothing are in order to get the best results in dating. Your physical appearance counts - let's look genuine and attractive!

I help you on a fast and targeted decision to pick the perfect outfit using Skype or simply via e-mail. You just need to attach a photo of yours and I am delighted to start consulting. We are taking a look at the outfit you’ve chosen for the certain occasion and I am going to give you improvement suggestions, if necessary.
It is mandatory to leave two days between booking date and consultation date.

NEW: In order to leave the unnecessary in the store more often, you may book my fashion flatrate and I'll help you via Facetime decide whether you need the piece or not.

If you don't want to book my services online or look for something different than the services below, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my contact form or phone.

Online consultation, 30 minutes (Small)

via Skype

39 €

Online consultation, 60 minutes (Medium)

via Skype or via e-mail and photos

69 €

Online consultation, 90 minutes (Large)

via Skype or via e-mail and photos

99 €

Rescue Call Fashion Flatrate (Small)

5 units per 15 minutes "Do or Don't" via Facetime

119 €

Rescue Call Fashion Flatrate (Large)

10 units per 15 minutes "Do or Don't" via Facetime

229 €

Diese Angebote ergänzen die Online-Beratung sinnvoll:

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Silke Gerloff

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63071 Offenbach

Phone: 069 / 26 91 38 83

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