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Shopping weekend in Paris

Venez et dénichez le fameux „je ne sais quoi“ parisien!
Unterschrift Silke

Paris in style.

Parisian chic is legend. It's described as the most fitting with a casual mix of elegant designer basics, trendy outfits and vintage clothing. Less is more, with simplicity embodying an essential element of elegance. The Parisienne enjoys playing with fashion and loves a breach of style, such as the mixing of soft and cool. This is how she often breaks the rules for an effortless, feminine panache with her own signature style, and her accessories masterfully highlight her individuality. Would you like to emulate her?

Each of the beloved shopping districts has its own flair and focus on fashion:
The hip Marais beckons with small designer labels and trendy concept stores; luxury couture offers the „Triangle d'Or“ and the department stores that line the grand boulevards. On the Rive Gauche you'll find classic elegance, while the ethnic and bohemian styles are rooted around the Bastille. The malls of Les Halles and Carrousel du Louvre award you with shopping bliss on rainy days, and there are bargains to be found at selected designer second-hand shops.
Twice a year, in January and July, the city becomes a vast shopping outlet with 5-week-long SOLDES, or sales, boasting discounts up to 60%. High-end fashion is within reach for everyone at this time.
Whatever your style and goal is, there are hundreds of shops to choose from!

Your guided shopping-tour experience.

I'll give you advice and support by downsizing the sensational variety and tailoring it to your needs.
I'll guide you through the districts, which we'll have settled upon beforehand. Since I used to live in Paris, I am able to find approbiate stores for you. We will travel by train – a two-day trip includes an overnight stay. Customers' travel, accommodation and food costs are not included in the allowance. A trip on the weekend can be booked as a group tour, too. Please take into consideration that I naturally need to draw my attention to more than one person and that the occasional waiting time may vary.
We'll put together an ensemble that's Parisian chic and suits your style and your life at home.

If you don't want to book my services online or look for something different than the services below, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my contact form or phone.

Shopping Day in Paris

1 day, 6 hours shopping

650 €

Shopping weekend in Paris

2 days shopping accompany, 5 hours per day

999 €

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