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Wardrobe Check

Your wardrobe deserves a fresh new look. Your personal shopper optimally begins with an in-depth style and wardrobe check. The focus is on you, your aspirations for style and your current clothing. We'll go through your wardrobe together, sort out what doesn't suit you and define a fitting silhouette, cuts and accessories for you. The results are registered in your own personal style guide for future reference. In the end, you'll keep a fixed shopping list for new additions, which cleverly complement your look or modify your style. Since color is instrumental in an overall harmonious image, the incorporation of a professional color analysis, following the proven 9-season color system, is highly recommended.

The style and wardrobe check brilliantly compliments the process of us getting to know one another and builds the perfect foundation for personal shopping assistance. A further appointment to put together well-coordinated outfits is also a sensible addition. The optional color consulting takes 1 hour and will open up a world of your personal colors to you.


Silke Gerloff als Expertin zu Gast im HR-Studio / Maintower (© Hessischer Rundfunk 2010, Mai 2010)

Kleider machen Leute: Silke Gerloff als Expertin zu
Gast im HR-Studio / Maintower (© Hessischer
Rundfunk 2010, Mai 2010)


“My wardrobe” packaged offer:
€ 199.00 for 3 hours wardrobe check (expenditure of time differs with wardrobe size). The Prices will be adjusted for additional time needed**

“My wardrobe” plus color analysis:
€ 299.00 for 4 hours. Consultation includes premium color fan **  

“My personal look” combination package:
€ 459.00 for 3 hours wardrobe check and 3 hours shopping * **
€ 559.00 for 3 hours wardrobe check, 1 hour color analysis and 3 hours shopping * **


Combinations And LookBook

Masterful mixing and matching is an important step on the way to your personal style. Let yourself be guided by your personal shopper in the art of combining and putting together harmonious outfits from your wardrobe. You'll be amazed by how many possibilities your wardrobe will create through a new approach in the weaving of various colors and styles. The bountiful selection results from existing clothing and new additions being diversely integrated into your basic wardrobe as well.


“Mix and Match” arrangement:
€ 80.00 per hour, including styling tips without keeping a record **


Your personalized lookbook for quick decisions. Calm those “I-have-nothing-to-wear!” outbursts in the future. With one glance in your personal album, you'll find suggestions for complete outfits, including shoes and accessories, for business / smart casual / leisure time and evening attire.


„My personal lookbook“ offer:
€ 80.00 per hour, charged on an hourly basis, available in photos or in a print album (delivery by mail), details and Prices on request **  

* an additional €10 travel allowance charged
** additional travel costs dependent on distance

Hourly billing applies for a full 60 minutes and for time over 30 minutes.
Saturday appointments are billed with a surcharge of € 20.


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