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Personal Shopping

Shopping made easy.

With your personal consultant at your side, shopping mistakes will be a thing of the past. We decide together what matches best your style, shopping list and budget. Efficient and successful!

There aren't any real dress codes nowadays. Each person has countless possibilities to express oneself fashionably through the mixing of various styles. However, the pitfall lies within the freedom of wearing what you want. Shopping has become an ordeal for many because they simply haven't identified their guidelines.

Your personal shopping consultant can help you there: I'll find the right shops and labels, which match your style and budget, and - if possible - provide you with a pre-selection. Then I'll lead you on a personal shopping tour through the city and advise you honestly and independently along the way. You'll learn how to find clothing that best suits you and even try on the unfamiliar. By making the right decisions, you'll put together a sensible, image-matching and fashionable wardrobe. Shopping mistakes will be a thing of the past, and you'll be surprised by how fun shopping together can be!

The benefits you may expect:

  1. With my truly objective support your decisions are easily made: which piece is better? Does this one make sense? With which of your existing items the new one is going to match well?
  2. I select the items which are best for you in various shops.
  3. You get to know new shops. Inside the shop, I will get you everything into the changing room. So there is no need to get dressed again while trying on!
  4. Your view changes due to my different focus. You leave routines.
  5. You save time (pre-selection if possible, efficient shopping) and money (no mispurchases).
  6. Chances are that you will experience shopping again as a source of fun rather than frustration.
  7. You will do good by supporting retailers (I work commission-free!) and/or for the environment (sustainable shopping).

Don't seek. Find.

I will be happy to accompany you to the best shops in Frankfurt, other cities in Germany and upon request to Paris.

My knowledge of attractive addresses, bargain sales and pop-up stores will open up a whole new shopping perspective to you. You'll be sure to find that special, individual item which will accentuate your individuality.
When a special occasion arises, such as a gala or a wedding, simply schedule an appointment – I will personally introduce you to custom tailors and designers. If you’re a young professional in search of a smart look to go with your career, don’t be shy to get in touch either.
And what better way to discover hidden shopping gems than to take a tour of tucked away pockets of the city? There's no pressure to buy if you'd like to let yourself just be inspired.

You care about the environment and want to avoid fast fashion? Just try my new sustainable shopping tour! In my opinion, you do not necessarily have to buy fair ready-to-wear brands. Also shopping in a second-hand shop or with local designers can give you the enjoyment of a sustainable product together with a clear conscience! The magic is in the mix. Because the shops are more far apart from each other, transportation takes us a little more time than usual.
Keyword for the booking is: environment.

Eyewear advice.

Whether your glasses decorate your face or not is up to you. Sitting in the middle of your face, they have an enormous effect. They accompany your everyday life for a long time. Therefore, it is all the more important that the frame really suits you in shape and colour. At best, the glasses should even make your face look more accentuated than "topless". So when choosing, you should leave nothing to chance!

I rescue you from your shopping crisis. Together, we will find the best version of your physical appearance!
Unterschrift Silke

Experience values.

In my experience, 3.5 hours is a very useful length of time for a shopping trip. 17 years of shopping guidance taught me the insight: In this time we visit 4-6 shops and find an average of 7-10 pieces, if this is your plan.

I make a 1 hour storecheck tour in advance, inspired by your shopping list which we have identified in a previous consultation. Clients I don't know yet receive a comprehensive questionnaire in advance. Thus I can already start thinking about suitable shops. However, I don't make a specific selection in advance because I need the personal contact to choose well.

Please feel free to book your favourite package online. We also do bespoke packages built around your needs and time. For more information or to book your session contact us through my contact form. Or telephone +49 171 4217456.

If you don't want to book my services online or look for something different than the services below, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my contact form or phone.

Eyewear Shopping

1.5 hours, Purchase advice at the opticians ***

179 €

Personal Shopping Best Practice

3.5 hours, Shopping guidance ***

429 €

Shopping Day

1 day of shopping (6 hours shopping time) ***

749 €

The following surcharge will be balanced in cash at the appointment:***

Hourly billing applies for a full 60 minutes and for time over 30 minutes.
An additional €15 travel and parking allowance charged for Frankfurt (shopping tours).
Shopping destinations other than Frankfurt: additional travel costs of €0,40 per km and parking costs.
Saturday appointments are billed with a surcharge of € 25.

These consultations are useful additions to the shopping session:

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Your wardrobe deserves a fresh look! Now, the focus is on you, your aspirations for style and your current clothing.

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Clothing as a business factor

Style makes a difference – especially for business matters!

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