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Do you feel stuck in your wardrobe? Do you have too much or too little in your cupboard? Or simply not the right items? But you do not know exactly how they should look? Maybe, you are too busy to take care of it alone? In any case, I will be pleased to make you happy with the way you look.
Unterschrift Silke

I am the head of The Personal Look:

I like people and my motivation in life is to create aesthetics and beauty. Both combined let me enthusiastically help my female and male customers located in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area be satisfied with their personal look. My empathy allows me to get a deep insight into my customers needs by listening carefully. This results in a trustworthy teamwork. I am not longing for the perfect moment on Instagram, but for your natural and appealing charisma in everyday life! Clothing does matter... Tell me: Who are you :-)? Does this idea appeal to you?

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Certainty of style starts at your personal wardrobe

Your wardrobe deserves a fresh look! Now, the focus is on you, your aspirations for style and your current clothing.

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  • I have been using your advice a lot lately and I can definitely see a difference. It's been a lot of fun!
    Dianna S., Marketing
  • You’ve done enough magic for today :-)!
    David S., Mainz
  • I had such a nice time with you on our shopping trip in Frankfurt!
    Annie B., Charlotteville
  • We are truly enjoying our new looks. We'd like to thank you for an amazing experience in Frankfurt
    Adi and Rachel, Tel Aviv
  • Dank Ihrer guten Beratung und Shoppingunterstützung bin ich mühelos durch sämtliche Events gekommen und stand immer gut gelaunt vor einem gut gefüllten Kleiderschrank!
    Marion T. , Ärztin
  • Herzlichen Dank für die Erkenntnis-Gewinne! Ich fühle mich für das Shopping morgen mit Farbpass und Einkaufsliste gut gerüstet und bin sehr gespannt, wie ich alles umsetzen kann!
    Ute S.
  • Der Vormittag mit Ihnen war super, ich habe Sie direkt meinen Freundinnen weiterempfohlen! Ihr Stilpass hat mir dabei sehr bezüglich der Schnitte und Besonderheiten geholfen.
    Marion P. , Ergotherapeutin
  • Ich hatte mehrere Tage überraschte, verwunderte und bewundernde Kommentare im Büro. Es hat tatsächlich die erhoffte Wende gebracht.
    Hannes und Ulli S., Produktentwickler und Krankenschwester
  • Vielen Dank für die Shopping-Zeit am Dienstag. Das hat mir sehr viel Spaß und Freude bereitet und auch Mut und Lust zum Alleine-Shoppen gemacht.
    Lydia W., Osteopathin
  • Ich wollte mich bei Ihnen nochmal vielmals für den sympathischen, netten und überaus lehrreichen und wertvollen Nachmittag gestern bedanken!!
    Christine B., Schweiz
  • Die Stilberatung bei "The Personal Look" war ein voller Erfolg. Die Beratung hat sich nach meinen Bedürfnissen und Wünschen ausgerichtet. Nach der Stilberatung habe ich direkt den Unterschied gemerkt.
    Alexandra M., Bankerin

Style consultation on-site: The most individual it can be!

I believe: Effective changes of your wardrobe are made together at your home! Not online, not in the shop, not in the studio - but where home is for your personality and your clothes. Therefore with my mobile consulting service I offer a wide range of sessions to choose from. Whether we decide to keep as much or as little as needed in your wardrobe, to define your colour type and your style, to create your perfect business wardrobe or to mix and match creatively your clothes is all up to you! We draw from your existing wardrobe in the first place. In return, this also helps the environment. Only then the city becomes our place of work for targeted purchases. Sounds good? - Does make sense and brings a further step to your goal: be in love with your style!

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Colour consulting

Knowing which colours suit you best will empower you to choose and set up your perfect wardrobe.

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Personal Shopping

Shopping made easy. Shopping mistakes will be a thing of the past, and you'll be surprised by how fun shopping together can be!

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Sustainable shopping with The Personal Look

I love nature and hence I care about it, but without dogma. What do I stand for? In case of doubt buy less, choose wisely the perfect item. Aim for good quality and buy more in shops than online. Support with your purchases the regional designers rather than Amazon. And always treat clothing and its manufacturers with respect, because the production of clothing requires a great effort and high expenses. Beyond that it pollutes the environment. Simply choose with consciousness! Of course you have to know: WHAT shall I buy? So please book my new sustainable shopping tour.

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Outfit combinations

Masterful mixing and matching is an important step on the way to your personal style.

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Makeup fix!

Makeup can transform and improve our moods by boosting confidence and making us look the part even when we don't feel the part. Makeup, like the clothes we wear is another form of self expression be it funny, artistic or glamorous. Go on, express yourself!

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Less is more, more often

Minimalism is a megatrend, profusion is paralyzing. Emptiness brings clarity – join me on the path to changing your wardrobe into your very own and personalized Capsule Wardrobe!

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Gift card

If you're looking for a unique and long-lasting gift, you've come to the right place. Give the gift of self-confidence!

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Online consulting

Who can fastly provide me with a neutral advice when trying to get dressed for an important and special occasion? Where ever I might be…

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Shopping weekend in Paris

Paris is a shopping paradise! It's here where creativity is experienced in everyday life amid a juxtaposition of timeless classic, inspiring avant-garde, chic Prêt-à-Porter and the retro-world of vintage and antique shops.

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The Personal Look comes in a new dress. Even the best website needs a rebrush every now and then. Therefore I gave The Personal Look a completely new styling and added a whole lot of new products and functions. Now you can book my services online right away (if you wish to) and the entire site is fun to use on every device and screen, may it be large or small. After months of work I have to admit that I’m somewhat proud about the result. Enjoy my new website, and if you like to give me some feedback you are kindly invited.

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Silke Gerloff

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Phone: 069 / 26 91 38 83

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